if communication is not enough,

do old things in a new way, this is innovation

Joseph Alois Schumpeter

Web Marketing

We work closely to our customers to build a web marketing strategy consistent with corporate strategic goals. Each client is unique and treated individually with a highly personalized approach.

The websites we realize are all optimized to be indexed by the search engines with our customer’s most strategic keywords. An INNOVA website interacts with social media and can be “pushed up” by a consistent e-mail strategy and content marketing.

INNOVA monitors and analyzes the results, because these are the only indicator of the success of the strategy. Indexing state, traffic, page views, referrers, bounce rate and conversions are the subject of periodic reports.

Virtual Reality

The user can navigate in a space that reacts to its interactions during the exploration, just as if it were an actual real-world environment. Rather than offer the customer a scale model, imagine how amazing could be making him move within the project realized for him.
Starting from your design projects made with modeling programs and 3D rendering, we develop a virtual environment viewable through special VR viewers (Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, etc …) that allow the user live the plan as if it were a part of it (explore it, interact with it, change objects, colors, materials, lights, hear sounds, etc …).

The video presents a virtual reality project in the architecture market; with Oculus Rift viewer, HTC or Samsung Gear VR you can view the content as if you were totally inside the environment, interacting with it and thus being able to better evaluate the aesthetics, the lights, spaces and functionality.

Web Sites

We design and create websites and mobile sites to attract customers and maximize corporate investments in terms of conversions. A fast and well coded website will give you the most visitors, improve conversions and consolidate the positioning in search engines.

an INNOVA web site is


is intuitive, unique and easy to surf


easy to find hard to forget


enhances your products and services


real time monitored

Responsive Design

Google Loves Responsive

With the increasing use of smartphones to browse the Internet (currently it is estimated that 9% of all Internet traffic is mobile) it is essential to provide a content compatible experience. Responsive web design is to provide an exceptional user experience for every potential customer, regardless of platform – desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

We design and build responsive sites that enhance the viewing experience on small screens and different screens so that each potential customer can easily navigate through the content regardless of the device used.

Recent studies show that up to 90% of the websites are not designed for mobile use or tablet, which means that these are ineffective towards potential customers, sales or leads.

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Mobile App

Boost your business

Your app is an opportunity to create new ways of interaction between the company and its audience.

Make your company visible 24h a day to customers with mobile device •
Creates a direct marketing channel with customers and potential customers •
Add value to your customer experience with operations in rewards and loyalty programs •
Reinforce the uniqueness and your brand recognition •
Increase user engagement by offering them customized services •
Differentiate yourself from your competitors and elevated above the competition •
Increases the loyalty of your customers •

Innova projects and develops iOS and Android applications.

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About Us

INNOVA is a web agency and a strategic partner for companies who want to leverage the power and reach of the web and new technologies such as Apps and Virtual Reality to achieve business objectives. By aligning the digital strategy with its implementation, INNOVA is able to act as a strategic growth engine for our customers.

We deal with design and developement of Web sites, App Mobile, Virtual Reality and Strategic Communication. Our philosophy places the customer at the center of every creation that needs to combine design, technology and high added value for the achievement of the client’s objectives. Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our customers.

Google Partner

INNOVA is a Certified Google Partner





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